Editor Guidelines

Editor Guidelines

The main aim of Canadian Journal of Biomedical Research & Technology is spread the knowledge around the world. The impressiveness of published articles completely depends on the editor peer reviewing process. Editors play a very important role in peer reviewing process. Editors are the chief support for Canadian Journal of Biomedical Research & Technology. The Editorial board individuals from Canadian Journal of Biomedical Research & Technology are in charge of distributing quality original manuscripts got from creators on concerned subjects.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Effectively search for the perspectives on partner editors, writers, reviewers and editorial board individuals about methods for enhancing their journal substance.
  • Reputation of our gathering is upgraded by the nearness of famous editors. They additionally should attempt to set higher measures for the journal at whatever point conceivable.
  • Editorial board individuals are most free to give their significant recommendations for hierarchical advancement Editors can submitted manuscripts dependent on their feasibility, if time does not permit evaluating the composition, editors can suggest another reviewers.
  • Grabbing circulation choices at the perfect time and passing on sensibly.
  • The official conclusion in regards to alteration, acknowledgment, or dismissal of an manuscripts rests exclusively with the manager.


  • Editors can be advanced as senior editorial manager and executive editor in the concerned journal dependent on their dynamic support and furthermore dependent on their experience.
  • Editors will be given most astounding need in every one of the occasions that are composed by Biomedical Journal.
  • Based on their caring commitments and their effectiveness, there is an opportunity to fill in as a conspicuous individual from the warning board.
  • After one year of proper way, Editor-in-Chief will be declared for each diary dependent on their dynamic interest, mastery in the field, commitment towards the Journal and furthermore their logical commitments. The survey remarks that are given by the editors will be entirely trailed which the creators will be asked for to change their manuscripts as indicated by the editors proposals.