Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

  • Manuscript must and should be in English language only.
  • The Author is must maintain utmost transparency is disclosing the relevant details such as financial assistance, procurement of equipment, any assistance with analyzing statistical data, and writing assistance.
  • When the authors research work involves humans and animals, the reports regarding the prior approval and licensing from Institutional Review Board, Research Ethics Committee approval, national licensing authorities for the use of animals. Upon request from the editors, authors must produce copies of approvals, licenses and participant consent forms.
  • Ensures that the research has been conducted responsibly and ethically with adherence to all relevant regulations.
  • Providing appropriate authorship and acknowledgement is of paramount importance. The authorship of research publications gives due credit to individual contributions.
  • The corresponding author is the first point of contact between the journal editor and the other co-authors keeping them updated with the publication process.
  • If any errors or omissions detected after the publication, the author is expected to cooperate with the editor or the publisher. The authors should not ask for the authorship in exchange with sharing any relevant material, however proper acknowledgement is expected.
  • Any violation from the journal guidelines leading to fabrication, misinterpretation or inappropriate data manipulation should be avoided. Any modifications in the research images causing misunderstanding also should not be practiced. If an article which has been published but found to be violating the journal guidelines, might warrant retraction with or without the approval from the author.
  • Do not encourage to any abuse and religious manuscripts.
  • The authors following the publisher’s requirements must ensure that the manuscript under consideration not submitted for the publication before.

Open Access Policy

All the published papers will be accessible for author and user friendly. Manuscripts will be freely allowed to abstract, PDF, and Full text viewed, copied, downloadable, and printed by all the individuals without any legal, technical, financial matters.

Plagiarism Policy

We have a strict policy against work that is not original and ensure that all research work shared with us is authentic by various means necessary. Our peer-review system and plagiarism tests are based on the following policies:

We only accept original content from authors, which means uniqueness, is key to acceptance. Any work that has less than 70% will be rejected.

Peer Review Process

After receiving the manuscript we will accepted to further peer review process. We will do peer reviewed process for Research Articles, Review Articles, and Case Reports. Those articles which satisfy the requirements of the Editorial Board will undergo double blinded peer review process with the support of our Editorial Team. These are the experts in the field who have agreed to provide a rapid assessment of the article. All the efforts are made to get the acceptance from our Editorial Team to publish an article within 2-3 weeks of submission.

Types of Peer Review Process
  • Single Blind: In a single-blind peer review process, authors are unaware of who reviewed their paper, but reviewers are aware of the authors’ identity. While this method serves to reduce chances of bias or conflict of interest, there is a possibility that making the author’s identity known could influence the review.
  • Double Blind: In a double-blind peer review both the author and peer reviewers are not aware of each other’s identity. Peer-reviewed articles provide a trusted form of scientific communication as it is scrutinized only based on the content provided irrespective of the submitted person or the area of submission.

Submission Guidelines

We accept only genuine and original content only. Manuscript should be in Document or Zip folder. Prior to submission authors are requested to follow the below Manuscript guidelines for quick publication process.

  • Cover Letter: Authors are requested to submit a cover letter mentioning all the authors and co-author’s information with Department, University, Address, Correspondence details, Country, Email, Contact details.
  • Main Manuscript: Submit as a single file or Zip folder (in case exceeds the size limit) either in MS Word or PDF with all Abstract, Keywords, Abbreviations, Figures, Tables, Appendices, References, inserted at appropriate places in the text of the article.
  • Supporting Information: If authors are interested to add any supporting information like acknowledgements, conflicts of interests, author’s contributions, Funding availability, Dedications, Thank Notes etc. they can add at the end of the manuscript itself.

Manuscript Content

High-quality submissions to our journal are welcome now and manuscripts may be either submitted online or mail us as an attachment to respective editor mail id for quick evaluation

Types of manuscripts

1. Research Article
2. Review Article
3. Case Report
4. Mini Review
5. Short Communication
6. Opinion
7. Editorial Piece
8. Letter to Editor

Click here to submit your manuscript or you can mail us at

Self-Archiving Policy

The articles published in our Journal are under Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted, archiving, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided that the work is properly cited.

Publication Charges

The Publication charges main mechanism for funding in open access-based publishing. It covers all the editorial work flow, production, long-term hosting thereby allowing permanently unrestricted online access to the published works.

Publication charges are very nominal to cover basic web charges. We don’t charge additional for Figures, Tables, PDF, and Full Texts, All the Research Articles & Case Reports submitted will be charged $899. And remaining type of articles will be $699. Payment can be made before the publication of article. In special cases, publication charges can be reduced such as based on funding availability and the eminence of the articles.


Memberships and Subscriptions for Author/Editorial Committee Members:

Membership 1 year 2 year
Student Membership $1,599 $2,599
Individual Researcher Membership $1,899 $2,899
Organizational / Institutional Membership $3,699 $5,699
Corporate Membership $3,200 $4,699